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Posting My Tweet

Here is where the Tweet goes: Updated to WordPress 3.4 – My favorite feature is embedding tweets ala YouTube – — Andy Rush (@rushaw) June 19, 2012 So all I did was paste the URL for the tweet in the HTML editor in WordPress. It looks like this: More info on Embeds here:

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Contemplating how green the grass is with TweetDeck

This tale is brought to you by Bluehost, or rather the lack thereof. My account was down yesterday for about 12 hours. I have no illusions that anybody even noticed, but for me it was frustrating because I had a post brewing and I couldn’t write it. Now why couldn’t I write it and post

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Twitter Therapy, or A Tale Told in Tweets

Time and again, Twitter is proving that there is a huge community out there, wherever there is. Somebody, or bodies, is/are even listening to brief rants (what other types of rants are there on Twitter but brief ones) and responding. The latest evidence involves a personal little beef with Apple that I recently vented about.

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I need some AIR

I thought about several ways to begin this post, and I was hoping the title wouldn’t scare people off thinking that I was going to vent. No, it’s not that kind of air. It’s actually Adobe’s AIR, or Adobe Integrated Runtime (yes, I’ll just use AIR from now on). AIR has actually been around for

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Who Is Jon Udell and Why Is He Following Me?

This is actually pretty funny. I am now presented with yet another chance to have fun at Jon Udell’s expense. First, some background. Many of you know, we were honored to have Jon talk at our Faculty Academy ’06 edition. We were quadruplely (???) honored when he had very kind words regarding the Teaching and

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Why are conversations important? Because many times they force you to see things differently and think about things in new ways. Now, who you choose to listen to is important as well. For this post I have just listened, quite literally, to Dave Winer. He is thinking out loud (yes, literally) about a service that

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