Twitter Therapy, or A Tale Told in Tweets

Time and again, Twitter is proving that there is a huge community out there, wherever there is. Somebody, or bodies, is/are even listening to brief rants (what other types of rants are there on Twitter but brief ones) and responding. The latest evidence involves a personal little beef with Apple that I recently vented about. The tweet went like this:


To which they replied:


To which I snapped back:


They actually answered back:


The question this begs is, who is “Safari Answers”? Are they tech support at Apple? Apparently not if they are directing me to Apple’s forums. Is this someone who is just passionate about Safari? Maybe. Their profile includes the web address to Apple’s Safari page. Hmm. Whoever they are, they calmly, rationally responded to my expletive containing tweet. I did put my little smiley in there to let them know when I was finished, I meant no ill will. 😉

Safari Answers must see other similar comments about this as evidence is here, here, and here. My response about “stop doing it in the first place” is warranted, I feel, because I have checked that Safari box and gone to Tools and chosen “Ignore Selected Updates” before. It seems to come back even when you’ve attempted to ignore it previously. So Apple, if you’re listening, don’t offer up other programs when you’re trying to keep the other software on my computer, that I did want, up-to-date, but that I didn’t need because I don’t need the “App Store” because I don’t have an iPhone, and I hate the fact that you advertise it as half-price and you shouldn’t get away with it so stop it because it pisses me off!!! Thanks for listening.

EPILOGUE: Two last bits. First, I got the original “Safari Push” on my home theater PC, and tweeted accordingly. I got another push on the computer that I am typing this post on while I was in the middle of writing it! I chuckled. Second, this whole tweet and response thing does expose a problem with Twitter in that the reply system is a bit broken. The “in reply to” link at the bottom of the tweet only links to the last tweet by that person, not the actual tweet that it was related to. It would be nice to get that working better. Twitter? You there?

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4 Responses

  1. Apple’s forum moderators are paid employees. Could be just a good Apple Samaritan/Applevangelist though. 🙂

  2. Andy,

    You’re a madman. As soon as you decide to join the elite society of MacBook Pro users, you begin to stir the pot. Yelling expletives at helpful 12 year olds, and generally upsetting the tranquil environment that is the world of the MAC user. Relax, take deep breaths, things are better here, you’ll see, in time.

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