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I lost count how many times I saw this thumbnail in my Twitter stream yesterday: I and other folks in DTLT have been following the work of Michael Wesch for years now. I have written a few posts about him as well. He is particularly inspiring to me because he is not only a professor

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We’re Published – Let a New Word Ring Out

As I’ve said in the past, Twitter is a hot bed of inspiration and creative thinking for me. It’s also a great collaborative space. One of the latest publishing collaborations was recently with “Doctors” Sawhill, Hauser, and myself on a new word. That’s right, the three of us created a new word. One might call the

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A solitary bird house on the edge of the woods

For the last several weeks, I’ve been trying to make a dream, reality. I had been seeing this bird house in my dreams, and as of October 30, 2008, I now have it behind my new home in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. So now that it is over (well, almost – as of this writing we

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The Love You Make

Have I ever told you how fortunate I am (we are) to have a colleague like Gardner Campbell here at Mary Washington? There are many examples of sparks that have fired from my head after listening to a Gardner talk, or speech, or riff, or even watching him in a jam session. However, the one

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Who Is Jon Udell and Why Is He Following Me?

This is actually pretty funny. I am now presented with yet another chance to have fun at Jon Udell’s expense. First, some background. Many of you know, we were honored to have Jon talk at our Faculty Academy ’06 edition. We were quadruplely (???) honored when he had very kind words regarding the Teaching and

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