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Reverend Jim T-shirt

Reverend Jim T-shirt

In case you didn’t see it, Jim Groom, our resident evangelical instructional technologist, has got his own t-shirt now. Honestly, as if he needs more exposure. Anyway, if you look carefully at the picture (particularly the area within the red square), you’ll see what we’re really thinking of Jim when he’s going on about something . . .

What The %#&*?

Seriously, Jim was on fire at Faculty Academy and Student Academy (where the photo was taken – Thanks to Chip German) this year, and that energy had to captured somehow. Why not on 100% cotton!

Wherefore Art Thou Twitter?

Twitter Maintenance

Twitter is coughing up hairballs less than 24 hours until Faculty Academy 2007. And with lots of twittery goodness planned, we hope those cats work fast.

Faculty Academy 2007

I’m giddy with excitement in anticipation of the 2007 edition of Faculty Academy. We’ve got some great speakers including Karen Stephenson, Barbara Ganley, and Alan Levine. We’ll hear about Blogs and Wikis (natch), but also you’ll hear terms that are new to you like Twitter, Mini-Tube, and Mashups! All the relevant details are at the Faculty Academy website. We look forward to seeing you all there.

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