Reverend Jim T-shirt

Reverend Jim T-shirt

In case you didn’t see it, Jim Groom, our resident evangelical instructional technologist, has got his own t-shirt now. Honestly, as if he needs more exposure. Anyway, if you look carefully at the picture (particularly the area within the red square), you’ll see what we’re really thinking of Jim when he’s going on about something . . .

What The %#&*?

Seriously, Jim was on fire at Faculty Academy and Student Academy (where the photo was taken – Thanks to Chip German) this year, and that energy had to be captured somehow. Why not on 100% cotton!


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  1. You’re outta line, Rush! The science folks were the one’s who are out of control, I want a shirt with Charlie Sharpless, Steve Gallik, and Andy Rush -rather Randy Andy Rush. Don’t deflect the attention, it won’t work!

  2. I’ve actually always thought the looks you and Patrick had were my favorite part of this astonishing image.

    I gotta get this shirt.

  3. Jim, the spirit will not be denied! It’s the vision reflex, not to be confused with the Strangelove salute. 🙂

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