The Start of Twittergram?

Why are conversations important? Because many times they force you to see things differently and think about things in new ways. Now, who you choose to listen to is important as well. For this post I have just listened, quite literally, to Dave Winer. He is thinking out loud (yes, literally) about a service that allows people to record an audio “tweet”, complete with an imposed limit of a 200k audio file. Winer, by the way, is someone I listen too because he is a smart guy. He is one of the key players in the invention of RSS, and also a key player in the development of enclosures in RSS. Enclosures are the things that enables podcasts to work.

So when a smart person talks, I like to be there listening to him/her. I feel like I’m at a party listening to Dave and some colleagues flesh out this idea of a Twittergram. Is it going to work, or will it fail? These are questions that are unimportant now, and Dave feels that the naysayers should shut up for a while and let the conversation and the smart people get to work and see what happens.

The audio Twitter concept already works from the user standpoint, as long as they have Greasemonkey and the mp3 userscript installed . . .

Play a Twittergram

Note the blue play button that appears when viewing a linked mp3 file in Twitter. That’s the mp3 script in action!

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  1. Wow, this is funny. While spending last week disconnected from the internet and with very limited cell phone access, I had this sense that, on the rare occasions I could get on the cell network and download a handful of tweets, being able to hear voices would have made me feel a lot more connected. I briefly considered how long it would be before voice tweets would be possible, and now here it is.

    Makes me believe in that crazy hive mind, too.

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