The Not Ready for Prime Time HTML5 Players

HTML5 video is taking over the world! It’s just that the world isn’t ready for it yet. Flash has powered both good and bad websites for years now, but video publishing has been democratized by the ability of anyone to publish their content by embedding a Flash player into a blog post or a web […]

Evom. Is it Mov(i)e backwards?

Flickr photo by ShellyS Welcome to the new school year. I’m still shaking my head about where the summer went. I’m also still grinding gears from vacation last week, but despite those issues, I’m very excited about 2010/11 at UMW. While perusing my RSS feed today, Lifehacker reminded me about Evom, a Mac only (sorry) […]

Recording DVD Segments on a Mac

In the “how long were you going to have that feature and not tell me” category comes the ability to record in the Mac version of VLC. What it allows you to do is record segments from a DVD. You see, in the Windows version of VLC (since version 1.0 came on the scene), you […]

The Making of an HD Screen Grab

After my last post, you may be asking how I do an HD screen grab from a recorded TV show. If there is such a thing as a rabid fan of my blog, you may remember a similar post from back in the day (it was Feb 12, 2006!). That was back in my PC […]

Whistleblowing Via YouTube

The Read Write Web brought to my attention the plight of a Russian police officer who, rather than surrender to the rampant system of corruption, decided to go public and expose it. Now, corruption in Russia is hardly a surprise, and one can imagine that in a world before Internet video, anyone who tried to […]

Sesame Street – That’s Where I Will Be

I wonder if kids would have the attention span to make it through this today, but this is a little gem, and worth watching to the end. Besides the absolute joy that Stevie exudes while he is playing, there are lots of little bits to look for in the background. One is a little kid […]

Making YouTube More Cinematic

Here’s a neat trick to use next time you want to show a YouTube video in class, or in your home theater (h/t to WebWare). You need to have the Firefox web browser and an add-on/plugin called YouTube Cinema. So you can go from this: To this: You can still view a given YouTube video […]

Ubiquitous YouTube

Sarcasm notwithstanding, the sentiment in the above video is held by many people – “YouTube is a site of millions of sucky videos.” I have, in the past, argued against that statement here, here, here, and here. Until recently, a valid argument for YouTube’s suckiness would have been that high quality video was not an […]

What is HD video? Even Mark Cuban gets it wrong

Mark Cuban has lots of ideas. His best one was back in the late ’90s when he decided to create a webcasting business that was ultimately sold for millions of dollars to Yahoo! Cuban may well have another great idea to save Internet video, but I’ll leave commenting on his ideas to a possible future […]