Sesame Street – That’s Where I Will Be

I wonder if kids would have the attention span to make it through this today, but this is a little gem, and worth watching to the end. Besides the absolute joy that Stevie exudes while he is playing, there are lots of little bits to look for in the background. One is a little kid going absolutely wild on a staircase (at :39 and again at 4:10), complete with long hair (I think it’s a young boy) flailing back and forth (pure joy!). The other is a kind of Led Zeppelin riff that occurs a couple of times in the latter half of the performance. Yet another is watching Stevie’s hands flying on the keyboard, quite literally feeling the music in his fingers. The last is the mixture of white and black musicians in the band, a concept that Sesame Street was always trying to show, of all cultures playing together and getting along – Something that was not always the reality in the early 70’s (and still not?). That this video still exists and has been made available, is truly the magic of YouTube. What a way to start a Monday.


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