I love Picasa, a free photo management tool, and Flickr, a great (also free) online photo sharing/storage service. Picasa, now owned by Google, does have its own photo sharing service and it is quite good. However, I give Flickr the nod because it has more professional features that I use and seems more mature in it’s development. So, if you’re like me, you want a way to integrate the capabilities of Picasa on your computer (it runs on Mac and PC) with your online Flickr account, there’s a solution. It’s a Picasa plugin called picasa2flickr.

If you watch the video above, you’ll see how to install and use it, but essentially it gives you another button allowing you to perform the uploading action on a given photo or photos. You will need to also have the free Flickr tool Flickr Uploader. Once Picasa and Flickr Uploader are installed, you can click on the picasa2flickr link and it will add it to the Picasa button along the bottom of the program’s screen. Now uploading photos to your Flickr account is as easy as finding them in Picasa and pushing a button.


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  1. I’ve been meaning to try out Picasa ever since you showed me the cool face recognition thingy and now I have a good reason to try it out soon (especially since I see they have a version for Linux, yay!).
    The only hitch in all this is if you are on Linux the uploading tool is not specifically the Flickr Uploader, so I wonder if picasa2flickr would work with an equivalent tool. Maybe you know or maybe it is just something I will have to test out myself.

  2. Hey Andy…great presentation!!! Whats the advantage of having a place like Flickr to store pics? Is it just so one does not eat up storage space? Just wondering.

  3. Hey Jim. Quite nostalgic to see your name here.

    Yeah, Flickr’s original intent was to share photos with friends and family. It also has the advantage of saving web server space. It’s also a good place to backup your photos. Whenever I talk about backing up files with people, I say that a file doesn’t exist unless it’s in at least two places.

    Thanks for the comments!

  4. Hi Andy – Thanks for posting this useful information. I want to post modest numbers of images from my Picasa ‘browser’. I already have them edited and have added captions.

    Will the process you describe transfer the captions on the Picasa images to Flickr?



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