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Creating Historical Photographs

As I and others are finding out, the iPhone 4 is a pretty spectacular digital still camera. One of the key differences with the iPhone is that there are applications (“apps”) that can enhance the capabilities of the handy little device. The iPhone comes standard with a camera app, but one that provides some pretty

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I love Picasa, a free photo management tool, and Flickr, a great (also free) online photo sharing/storage service. Picasa, now owned by Google, does have its own photo sharing service and it is quite good. However, I give Flickr the nod because it has more professional features that I use and seems more mature in

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Instant Image Publishing

Several weeks ago I posted about AudioBoo, a way to instantly post audio on the web and feature that content in a WordPress blog (at UMW Blogs). In my continued fascination with instant publishing, I wanted to bring you the equivalent in instant image publishing. Here’s what you need. An iPhone, using its built-in camera.

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Flickr is to video, as Twitter is to . . .

If you said blogging, you win a prize. At least in my warped mind. Flickr video only allows 90 seconds worth of whatever you’ve got. Looks like Darcy’s reaction was this: My reaction is to wait and see. Maybe the 1 minute 30 limit will be like Twitter’s 140 character limit. Concise and yet thought

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Shield Your Eyes

  Flickr Photo courtesy of Sellers Patton I wonder if Fox Interactive/News Corp. had any influence on the policy of Photobucket considering babies in diapers as “nudity”. Their terms of service lists nudity as one of the restrictions when uploading photos, but this is a bit excessive, no? Seems this policy got some attention when

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Flickr & Picnik

I suppose that Flickr would be the sweet, lovely butterfly and Picnik provides the sting as the bee. The marriage is finally consumated. You will now find an "Edit Photo" button on your Flickr pictures, and that editor is the Picnik engine, which opens up a new section for you to edit to your heart’s

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