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Daddy Diaper 

Flickr Photo courtesy of Sellers Patton

I wonder if Fox Interactive/News Corp. had any influence on the policy of Photobucket considering babies in diapers as “nudity”. Their terms of service lists nudity as one of the restrictions when uploading photos, but this is a bit excessive, no? Seems this policy got some attention when diaper company Good Mama Diaper ran a photo contest on Photobucket. When the photos disappeared, questions got asked.

Now I know that pictures of children slightly older than the diaper-set on the Internet is a big concern, but are we incapable of making rational choices? I have to question the intelligence of the people running a service that have such a policy. I obtained a pro account at Photobucket to try out their video editing service a year ago. I just received my last notice asking if I’ll be renewing my pro account. I think not. I think I’ll close my account all together.

I will go on using that ever reliable and oh-so-racy photo site, Flickr. The photo above was courtesy of Flickr. The photo below of the cute little boy in his diaper is courtesy of . . . Photobucket!


UPDATE: Photobucket admits their error.


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  1. This is something I have went around and around about. All of my photos are private yet Photobucket deleted a picture of my son in the tub. He was 8 months old. Sure if my stuff wasn’t private then I could understand them trying to ward of pervs. But these were private pics in my photo album and a baby being in the tub is not a violation of their stupid TOS! Thanks for pointing this out!

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