Flickr & Picnik


I suppose that Flickr would be the sweet, lovely butterfly and Picnik provides the sting as the bee. The marriage is finally consumated. You will now find an "Edit Photo" button on your Flickr pictures, and that editor is the Picnik engine, which opens up a new section for you to edit to your heart’s content. Or at least with the functions that the service provides you. Those features include things like resize, crop, fixing red eye, and even exposure and "auto-fix" capabilities.

Since I had an account already, I was greeted with this.


If you have a Flickr account, and you haven’t signed up at Picnik yet, it’s time!


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  1. I think the most important question here is whether or not Picnik can add gauchos and halter top to pictures. If so then I am raiding your Flickr account muahaha!

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