Students, we’d like to prepare you for the digital world . . .

  . . . but it would violate copyright – paraphrased from comments by Elizabeth on this post – Inside Higher Ed :: When It’s OK to Copy . So obviously we need to amend the copyright law, but before that happens, we need to sort out "fair use". The Society for Cinema and Media Studies is advocating for disambiguation of fair use in the copyright law, and working to define policies for using visual and aural materials in scholarly endeavors. More power to them and I’m glad to have discovered their site.

And now for a brilliant and hysterical review of fair use, I present "A Fair(y) Use Tale".


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  1. This is great! Copyright laws and fair use are so confusing and ambiguous that I’m sure most students don’t really pay attention to them. Especially when their work is usually inside a class container that will never see real world.
    Now that we are to preparing for a digital world that has so many restrictions what student wouldn’t want to keep their stuff inside a safe little container where they could get away with “breaking the law”.
    Bah, silly laws!

  2. I was reading your blog and some other entries you have on Copyright. I also followed some of your trackbacks to I am glad he has decided to take up the fight on the corruption of government. Hopefully, the fight will yield some rewards that allows people everyday use of the technology we have come to depend upon in our daily lives. Everyday I wonder if I share some music with my wife, will that violate some copyright law? Will I be served with a law suit for sharing within my household? Will this comment be used against me in a court of law? Is this evidence?

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