Why Does Podbean Look So Familiar?


If you want to get into podcasting, but you’re not willing to go through the steps and work to get a hosted WordPress blog (like we have with Bluehost), I have a recommendation for you. Check out my new WordPress podcast site at Podbean.com. Talk about feeling at home with an interface. On the Dashboard, "Write" is replaced with the word "Publish" so you can introduce (blog) a new podcast, and provide "show notes" for your recording. The Upload feature is one button easy, though if you get a paid account you will have FTP available to get your files (multiple files) up to the site. The rest of the interface has that familiar WordPress feel, with "Layout" being the place where you change your theme. That’s the best part about Podbean is that you get a WordPress blog to go with your podcast site.

The basic, free account gives you 100MB of storage and 5GB of monthly bandwidth. You also get some nice features to set up your podcast for an iTunes feed, and these features remind me of what PodPress gives you in combination with a standard WordPress install.

Now, if Podbean can trick out a WordPress install to do podcasts, it’s not too much of a leap to say that there’s great hope for a WordPress CMS/LMS in a short period of time. Podbean has done a lot to show me the real potential of the WordPress platform. Yes, I guess that’s put me in the front pew in Reverend Jim‘s church!


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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Podbean is very smart, they took a WPMu installation, tricked it out, and gave everyone their own publishing platform for podcasts, brilliant.

    Why can’t we do the same for a CMS/LMS? Well, we can and we will damn it!

    Thanks for showing the way forward. Open Source Publishing Platforms–where publishing means a whole lot more than text!

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