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Boo Ya Later

I’m still not sure about this Internet time thing, but I think it was yesterday morning that Patrick asked me if I saw Cole’s post about mobile podcasting in regards to Penn State’s iTunesU setup. Since then I’ve gone from light-bulb going off, to frustration and the cursing of Atom feeds, to scaring Jim Groom

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Why Does Podbean Look So Familiar?

If you want to get into podcasting, but you’re not willing to go through the steps and work to get a hosted WordPress blog (like we have with Bluehost), I have a recommendation for you. Check out my new WordPress podcast site at Talk about feeling at home with an interface. On the Dashboard,

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Interesting News From Doug Kaye

I’ve been holding a post in my Bloglines account for a couple months now about news of a new version of the “Levelator“. In the above video, from Robert Scoble, Doug Kaye talks about some other gizmos that make a podcaster’s life easier. Get The Levelator at

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