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A Quick Review of My Web 2.0 Life

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July 2004 – First blog set up – (now a legal search consultant website) at (no longer hosting blogs).

August 2, 2004 – First official post. I mention that our new hosting service is like being a kid in the candy room at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The rest of August I’m learning new terms like wiki and RSS and getting addicted to learning it all.

October 2004 – The name is official And He Blogs.

December 2004 – Goodbye Bloghosts. Hello Bluehost.

March 2005 – Very much in the Windows world, I rig up a podcast-catching machine by using a Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC combined with the Doppler software and inspired by this article. (Now, in July of 2009, I discover that Doppler is an RSS reader for the iPhone and it might well be my go-to program).

Late March 2005 – The MediaBlog begins its experiment.

Memorial Day 2005My first MoBlog (mobile blog) post, and then my first post about my first MoBlog post.

June 21, 2005 – The And He Blogs WordPress era begins.


January 29, 2006ELI Conference in San Diego. Lots of Web 2.0’wy stuff there.

April 2006Easy, Free, Videoblogging.


December 2006Udell. Microsoft. Bwah???

February 2007 was a good month, including YouTube in MediaWiki. Also, discovered one of the most important thinkers of web 2.0 academia – Michael Wesch.

And He Blogs circa Feb. 2007

April 2007 – The Bliki – AKA Play Misty For Me.

May 2007 – Somewhere around here I entered the Twitter era.

September 2007Microsoft Live Writer makes blogging easy, but ultimately just creates ugly code for blogs – think Microsoft Word web pages.

June 2008Edupunk? Seriously???

This is what Web 2.0 looks like!

July 2008TweetDeck. Yeah, it was important!

December 2008 – What’s better than YouTube? YouTube in HD!

March 2009 – Mobile Computing. Demonstrating educational uses of the iPhone.

June 2009 – The New Media presentation of my lifetime, and instant mobile podcasting.

July 2009 – Is technology so ubiquitous that we’re bored with it?

The Love You Make


Have I ever told you how fortunate I am (we are) to have a colleague like Gardner Campbell here at Mary Washington? There are many examples of sparks that have fired from my head after listening to a Gardner talk, or speech, or riff, or even watching him in a jam session. However, the one I witnessed tonight will be, I think, THE most memorable. People attending the Great Lives Lecture Series sponsored by the Department of History and American Studies witnessed a happening on April 8, 2008. At least I did. You would never expect Gardner to give an ordinary talk at a Great Lives event, as his lecture on Elvis in 2005 indicates. This was a unique example of “I went to a lecture and a concert broke out!”

He came with his “A” game tonight, as the “Gardner Campbell Dancers” (my name for them) started things off with a short Beatles Medley. Bill Crawley then introduced Gardner with the pride that we all feel in having him on this campus. Gardner, of course, took the stage and immediately showed us his self-effacing humor. He then began his talk. No, that’s such a meek word. He began his sermon, and I mean that in the most agnostic, and yet old tyme gospel hour way. He mocked the Apocalypse by imagining how the world would end, “Beatles Style.” Would it be “Here Comes the Sun”? The brief horn part before the chorus in “Penny Lane”? How about the ending piano chord from “A Day In the Life”? Or, just “THE chord” from the opening of “A Hard Days Night”? Where did that chord come from anyway?

From then on it was a history of the Beatles driven by pure energy. The years 1962- 1970 passed by at a frenetic pace. I think Gardner took a breath in there somewhere. When it was all over, and it was over waaaayyy too soon, he took questions. He answered them like an excited kid who had all this information bottled up inside. It was apparent that each answer could go on as long as the original talk, but he exercised great restraint. I had no doubt going in that I would learn something new. The birth of the “drop T” Beatles logo was my little nugget. The audience that was in attendance seemed to be quite knowledgeable as well, but they were there as much to re-affirm their vows to this great band, more than 40 years on. After the final question was asked, “Are the Beatles still relevant?”, Gardner and crew gave us our answer. Gardner’s trippy, psychedelic shirt was donned for a rendition of “Hey Jude”, and soon the auditorium was filled to the gold UMW crest on the ceiling with choruses of “Na, na na na na na na, na na na na, Hey Jude!” Still relevant? I would say amen, and Amen!

All Right Now

UPDATE: The video of Gardo’s talk is finally up! The “Hey Jude” song is cut off because of what I believe would be a “sync licensing” issue.

2008 has barely started and I’ve already told a lie

OK. In my last post, my first of 2008, I lied. It was parenthetical, but still a lie. Well at least it was an implied lie that I was in a “blogging funk” and that my post was going to cure that. Neither was true. In fact it is much closer to the truth that I have so many ideas, and things, and stuff to blog about, I just don’t know where to begin. Well, so I began the new year with a simple post with a link to a news story about a subject I enjoy following – high definition video.

Like I said, I’ve got lots of other ideas, etc., etc., to blog about, but will I? Did I just lie again, my 2nd of 2008? Such a loaded word, lie. Shannon and Gardner have pledged that they will blog every day in 2008. Are they lying, and just don’t know it yet? Jerry made the point to me in our duPont office that Gardner already failed (lied?) because he started his resolution on January 2, 2008. OK, maybe he composed it on 1/1/08, but then, Gardner, you owe us two on 12/31/08!

I don’t think Jim posted every day in 2008, but I bet he had over 365 posts (and that’s a good thing!). By the way Jim, I’m now beating you 2-0 in 2008!!! Oh, and Patrick, Martha, Jerry? I wish you would blog more. Seriously, I hope Shannon and Gardner are able to keep their pledge, because they both write such interesting stuff. And so, here is my promise to you for 2008, dear readers of my blog. I promise to blog as many times as is right for me in 2008. No more and no less (but hopefully more).

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