2008 has barely started and I’ve already told a lie

OK. In my last post, my first of 2008, I lied. It was parenthetical, but still a lie. Well at least it was an implied lie that I was in a “blogging funk” and that my post was going to cure that. Neither was true. In fact it is much closer to the truth that I have so many ideas, and things, and stuff to blog about, I just don’t know where to begin. Well, so I began the new year with a simple post with a link to a news story about a subject I enjoy following – high definition video.

Like I said, I’ve got lots of other ideas, etc., etc., to blog about, but will I? Did I just lie again, my 2nd of 2008? Such a loaded word, lie. Shannon and Gardner have pledged that they will blog every day in 2008. Are they lying, and just don’t know it yet? Jerry made the point to me in our duPont office that Gardner already failed (lied?) because he started his resolution on January 2, 2008. OK, maybe he composed it on 1/1/08, but then, Gardner, you owe us two on 12/31/08!

I don’t think Jim posted every day in 2008, but I bet he had over 365 posts (and that’s a good thing!). By the way Jim, I’m now beating you 2-0 in 2008!!! Oh, and Patrick, Martha, Jerry? I wish you would blog more. Seriously, I hope Shannon and Gardner are able to keep their pledge, because they both write such interesting stuff. And so, here is my promise to you for 2008, dear readers of my blog. I promise to blog as many times as is right for me in 2008. No more and no less (but hopefully more).


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  1. Is this your new plan, instead of avoiding me you are going to call me a liar and hope your rude comments will keep me away? ; ) I kid of course (nothing will stop the stalking heh).

    I too hope everyone blogs more this year (well, except Jim I think he already does enough) and I look forward to what you have to say. Maybe I’ll even learn a thing or two. Instead of actually showing up DTLT to teach me anything you could just blog it all hah. Man I miss making fun of everyone. See you in about a week!

  2. Keeping track so early in the year might be dangerous Andy. I have only yet begun to blog 🙂 And I agree 1,000,000 percent,keep up the blogging – you probably have only a small inkling og how much I (and everybody else) gets from it.

    As for lies, as you know, I only have a problem with them if they are bad, i.e. ill-conceived. Lying as a rule is not a terrible thing, it keeps the people guessing 🙂

  3. Several thoughts here.

    One is that I’d be thrilled to read more Andy posts. Ditto for Martha, Patrick, Jerry, and Jim, of course!–but it’s your post I’m commenting on, so let me say again: more Andy!

    Another: whew, that Jerry’s a hangin’ judge. Yet that said, I’m moving for a mistrial here. See, my WP install doesn’t automatically shift from EDT to EST. That means my timestamper was set to GMT -4 instead of GMT -5. Put that next to the fact that I’ve gotten into the (unsustainable) habit of writing after everyone’s retired for the night, and hitting “publish” sometime between 11 p.m. and 11:45 p.m., and it looks like I made my resolution on January 2, blogged twice on the 3rd, etc. etc. I’ve fixed the setting and will fix the time stamp. I can hear Jerry laughing because I’ve taken the (secondhand) bait. Doesn’t matter: I want the record to reflect the reality. Like Errol Morris, I believe in truth. 🙂

  4. Obviously, I need to watch what I say to Andy, better known as “Mr. Everything Is On The Record.” 🙂

    And Gardner, I might indeed be a hanging judge, but I’ll admit that part of my grumpyness that day (more than a usual day) came from the hard reality of facing the first day back to work after a nice holiday break. Things were better after a trip to Chipotle. 🙂

  5. Just trying to set the record straight, Jerry. 🙂 Glad Chipotle came through for you.

    Steve, you’re right, but what’s your point? 🙂

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