Author: Andy Rush

Blu-ray Discs to Apple TV

I am writing this post the day before the October 2013 Apple Event where new iPads, MacBooks, Mac Pros, and a new OS X version known as Mavericks will all be announced. Rumor has it that a new Apple TV (ATV) will be coming soon too, but may not show up until a bit after the event. There’s

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A Simple Plea to Subscribe

I’m writing this simple (hopefully short) post to ask something of you. I want you to subscribe to the YouTube Channel known as UMW NewMedia. So far I’ve asked people to just do it, and with moderate success, the number of subscribers has increased. What I haven’t done is told you why. Hopefully, after that, you

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Library Macs

We now have a place where UMW student media producers can go to get creative. Announcing 4 new iMacs at our Simpson Library (near the circulation desk)!

We’ve certainly had Macs available before to students, but they have been within specific depar…

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Redundant Publishing with Evernote and

The Internet is always on. Except when it isn’t. Except when you really need it. OK. The Internet isn’t quite like water. It isn’t absolutely necessary for survival. But we’ve come to rely on it so much that we really miss it on the occasions when it’s not there. Over the last week, I’ve come

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What the IT Convergence Center should be

It’s called the Information and Technology Convergence Center and every indication points to it being on-track for completion in the spring of 2014. Even though we are 9 (+/-) months away from opening, we are finalizing much of the AV technology going into the building. Those involved in many of the various meetings regarding the building are

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YouTube Downloads – The Sorcerer feat. Torch Browser

From the list of questions that I get on a regular basis, the top one has to be “How do I download YouTube videos to use in my projects?” For the last few years, my top response has been to use Firefox and a plugin/add-on called Video Download Helper. Like Hamburger Helper, only for video

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On Tuesday, April 16, 2013, my Mom passed away after years of battling the affects of Alzheimer’s. The following is the eulogy I delivered at the service on April 20, in the church I grew up in – the Jamesville Community Church (formerly Jamesville Federated Church) Everybody smile This is a day to remember my

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