Let’s Un-F*** Up Our Internet

1173 20120820 The Internet Is Completely Over

UPDATE: We Un F’d-up the Internet!

Lately it’s been knee-jerk to Tweet an article that we recommend to our followers to read. I do it with articles, videos and funny pictures all the time. A long time ago, in a place not so far away (right here actually), I would blog about articles that I recommended. It would be a quick post with a link and maybe some short commentary. Blogging is not dead for me, even though we joke about it in the DTLT office. We are not as prolific as our fearless leader, our “Big (Blogging) Toe“.

However, now its time to BLOG about an article. One that I feel is extremely important. I guess, so important that I didn’t Tweet it – I need to BLOG it!

Nilay Patel is a tech journalist for The Verge. I was first introduced to him back in 2010 when he talked with Christina Warren and Dan Benjamin about the legal issues surrounding the h.264 codec. He is a former copyright lawyer who for that particular subject meticulously explained the legal issues surrounding the licensing of the video codec.

Well, it’s time once again to listen to (read) the words of Nilay as he fires his warning shot about our F’d Up Internet. That’s it. No further introduction. Go Read It! (by the way, the subtitle is “but we can fix it”)

Did you read it? If you did, good. No, great! Now go act. Contact the FCC. Save the Internet before it’s too late. I’m not being hyperbolic. The Internet as we know it, or rather, knew it, is being morphed from what will serve the needs of the public, to what will serve the needs of those few companies that provide services and access to it. With no competition and ever rising prices for access.

OK, so maybe you need more evidence. Then check out this story on WNYC’s “On The Media” regarding the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger. Hopefully this combination will compel you to act. Now will you go act?

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