The ITCC Story So Far

Today is the start of the Spring 2014 Semester at the University of Mary Washington. From the window of our office in DTLT we can see the students beginning yet another chapter in their academic career. From the same window we can also see the Information Technology Convergence Center (ITCC) quickly moving along to completion. The frame of the building has been completed for a while, and now we are seeing some of the details like brickwork, and even the cornices being placed. We’ll soon see the columns going up (I hope) and then the attention will turn to the insides of the structure.

To celebrate the new school year and to update you on what the ITCC looks like at this point in time, I present the time-lapse construction video of the building so far . . .

Video captured by TrueLook, Inc. and courtesy of W.M. Jordan Company

Thanks to the TrueLook company – for providing the constantly updated view of the building as it takes shape. They’ll be providing the video when everything is completed somewhere around mid-year. For us in DTLT, the excitement is “building”. Ooh, sorry about that.


  1. Patrick Murray-John

    January 13, 2014 at 9:42 am

    I find your “building” pun unworthy.

  2. Patrick – You’re welcome!

  3. Don’t listen to him, Andy. You are puntific.

    That’s so cool to watch in fast motion. Where is the camera located?

  4. Alan, thank you for acknowledging my skillz. Here’s a photo of where the webcam is placed –

  5. That might have been the best 30 seconds of my day!

  6. Jen – glad you liked it!

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