Web Forgery

Web Forgery

This is something I hadn’t seen before. I am a member of the Virginia Credit Union and in a email from “service@vacu.org” I got a notice of recent phishing scams. The email had some telltale signs of its lack of validity – a broken image link and some typos. Clicking on the link brought me to an “lsccreations.com” web page, and Firefox spoke up and gave me the above error – “Suspected Web Forgery”. Nice.

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  1. My website is NOT a forgery by far. The hosting company that I am with was hacked into and a lot of the sites were hacked as well. My site is very ligit and everything has been fixed. Extra and better firewalls have been updated from my hosting company.

    The first day this happened I was informed of the hackers and my website was fixed. I am sorry for any convienced this may have caused, but I assure you LSC Creations website IS real and I do all the handpainted items myself.

    If someone wanted to know further about the site they could have still used the email and contacted me. There is even a phone number on the site which anyone could have gotten in touch with me as well.

    Again there is nothing wrong with LSC Creations website. Posting a blog saying how bad the site is isn’t fair when you didn’t research the issue out further.

    LSC Creations

  2. PS

    Here is an error I received while posting my comment.

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  3. Obviously, Loraine from LSC Creations was unfortunately a victim in this phishing scam as well. I want to be clear that I never meant to imply that LSC Creations was a “bad” site, only that it was where the phishing page was hosted, and Firefox warned me that the single web page (not the entire web site) was a forgery.

  4. Thanks for clearing this up.

    Here is the turkish site that hacked into my site and lots of other sites and email accounts:


    This person loves to hack into sites and email accounts then post his bragging rights on the web. This in turn hurts and defames a good companies name and reputation which hurts business. In fact he states f*** USA and Israel on the web page that has information on a companies url and ip address.

    Why or why this person hasn’t been delt with I don’t know. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated in how to stop this person.

  5. i just got web forgery on facebook. A kid in my grade sent this message on my wall

    “have you heard about that blog that was about you?

    apparently its pretty bad ;(

    i think you and everyone should read it…”

    i obviously entered it and firefox immdeietly told me it was web forgerring (never heard of it). Then i went to his profile on facebook and saw that this kid sent these to everybody. Someone is going to get hacked…

    ps i believe this kids computer is already hacked cuz why else would he do this?

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