“The Screen Savers” Lives!

If you could find a group of people that are very knowledgeable about technology, and yet down to earth, you’d like to see them make a TV show. The Screen Savers quickly became the other reason that I got satellite TV (the first being cycling on OLN). Then a network called G4 merged with TechTV and The Screen Savers was no more.

Well thanks to the world of podcasting, the folks at the heart of The Screen Savers, Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton, Kevin Rose, and Robert Heron, are back with This Week in Tech (TWIT). That’s the name for now anyway. It started out as Revenge of the Screen Savers (ROTSS). Now it’s TWIT. Look for the new TWIT site to come on line soon. These four guys know so much about technology, and they’re slightly goofy, as any tech person can relate to. Enjoy their podcast as you drive to work every Monday morning.

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