A New View on Blogs

I just got a wireless network card for my Pocket PC (Dell Axim X5). It’s a Socket Low Power WLAN Card. Once it was configured for home, I started surfing the web in a whole new way. The first thing you notice is what sites are and are not handheld friendly. One of the cool ones that is web friendly is our Webmail system at UMW. Google is too, but what’s a little funny is that the address is google.com/palm. I don’t have a palm device (hehe)!

The big news is that most blogs are very handheld friendly. Something else to tickle the neurons as we continue to explore the Tech/Blog/Vlog/Pod world that we live in now. MP3’s that are being podcast download nicely too.

For you regular web viewers (those not in the 320×240 world). Take a look at Google for handhelds.

By the way, I finished posting this with my wireless pocket pc!


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