Instant Image Publishing

Several weeks ago I posted about AudioBoo, a way to instantly post audio on the web and feature that content in a WordPress blog (at UMW Blogs). In my continued fascination with instant publishing, I wanted to bring you the equivalent in instant image publishing. Here’s what you need. An iPhone, using its built-in camera. […]

Blogo Away

UPDATE: Looking at Blogo again. The links in the original text below are dead links. It’s now at The Pro version has added some nice features like Evernote syncing. There is a free version that gives you the basics. It might help a starving student. I recently switched from Windows to Mac, and one […]

Boo Ya Later

I’m still not sure about this Internet time thing, but I think it was yesterday morning that Patrick asked me if I saw Cole’s post about mobile podcasting in regards to Penn State’s iTunesU setup. Since then I’ve gone from light-bulb going off, to frustration and the cursing of Atom feeds, to scaring Jim Groom […]

Small Pieces Constantly Changing

An interesting thing happened on the way to, and from, our presentation on “Small Pieces To-Go” at the ACCS 2009 conference. Change. Alright, change isn’t a big deal in our world, but it’s one that I found very exciting and it’s a pretty good indication of where things are going in the mobile computing environment. […]