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Snow Leopard is Great. Except when it’s not.

By this time in the conversation about Snow Leopard (OS 10.6), I did fully expect people to report how much more wonderful it was than Leopard (OS 10.5). I guess even in this day where daily wonders occur in the tech world, that it’s naive to think that a new OS will just work, especially

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Why I’m excited about Snow Leopard

I’m developing some pretty thick skin after returning to the Apple platform. My DTLT colleagues who had been using Macs, continue to chide me for not using them sooner. Believe me, I will always keep my guard up when it comes to Apple. However, as many have said about democracy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s

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You broke my video editor

This post finds me answering the question of what have I been up to lately. Well, I’m trying to find easy ways to edit and produce video for as close to zero expense as possible. So I find myself on the Mac and on the PC side of this MacBook Pro working with Windows Movie

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PCs Play Hi-Def Discs, Will Apple Finally Join?

  Even with Apple’s Leopard and its more then 300(!) new features, Blu-ray playback isn’t one of them. Yet. Macworld is this week and rumors are starting about Apple launching into the high-definition disc fray. Will it be Blu-ray only? Apple is firmly in the blue camp. Will the combo drive now be a Blu-ray

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