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You broke my video editor

This post finds me answering the question of what have I been up to lately. Well, I’m trying to find easy ways to edit and produce video for as close to zero expense as possible. So I find myself on the Mac and on the PC side of this MacBook Pro working with Windows Movie

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This is a post that I’ve been contemplating for a while and it will not just be a rant, but offer some advice for fixing issues with Windows Vista. I’ll also offer a little perspective to Microsoft’s new OS, something lacking in today’s blogospheric culture. It took an article in PC World to say enough

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I admit, Vista is weird

It has been this kind of day with machines that I am running Windows Vista on. One of the bugs/problems/annoyances is the strange behavior of copying files. Sometimes it takes too long for Vista to estimate the time it is going to take to copy a given file or files. Other times it’s estimates are

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Is Vista the Problem, or is it Adobe?

UPDATE: I discovered the culprit of my Ultra CS3 woes. Sony Vegas 7! I installed it on my way to installing Vegas Pro 8 upgrade and it immediately borked Ultra. After I installed version 8, I was able to uninstall version 7 and Ultra was back to working. Soundbooth sucks anyway, so while I don’t

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Windows Live Writer – You Made Me Love You

I have a new and blossoming relationship, with a blog editor, and it’s from . . . gulp . . . Microsoft. I’m trying not to feel icky about it, and that’s not hard because there is so much to like about Windows Live Writer. It’s a cinch to set up the connection to your

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Vista Voice Recognition

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”380″ width=”480″ /] In honor of Microsoft Windows Vista being released today (and all the hype that goes along with it), I wanted to show everyone a feature that really works spectacularly well – the voice recognition system. I don’t see many places talking up this feature, and I DO have to give

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