President Frawley’s Inauguration

President Frawley Taking the Oath

I had the opportunity to work on getting the video of President Frawley’s Inauguration up on UMW’s website this weekend. The people who asked me to “work” on a Saturday forgot how much fun this kind of stuff is to me. While the job of capturing video and editing is not hard work (and I could teach most people how), I am reminded of how the presentation of media on the web is constantly changing. The editing is the easy part. What’s more difficult is the use of the myriad of compression schemes and CODECs, and there is a constant evaluation of how they perform relative to each other. Even more vexing sometimes is the strange way the editing software behaves when you are trying to convert your file with a deadline, or discovering that your editor doesn’t do things the easy way. Are you getting a hint of some of the workflow frustrations I had with this project?

Anyway, I had some nice comments about how it turned out, and I was pleased as well (there’s still some work to be done). What I love about working on these video projects is – reliving the event. There is a great excitement associated with this president and what the future at the University of Mary Washington holds. I found myself getting emotional as Dr. Frawley spoke of a phone conversation with his son about “traveling into the future” (and laughing at how a colleague described it – an Abbott and Costello routine), and of a game called “brain-wire” he played with his daughter. Having an almost four-year-old son, I can relate to these games. All you are thinking about is their future, and at the same time you are desperately trying to keep hold of the present. I wish President Frawley good luck on his guiding us into the future.

UPDATE: An iPod version is now available


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