My Newest Venture

Introducing the Home Theater Cookbook website. It’s an idea I’ve had for quite a while now. I registered the domain back in 2008 (March 27 will be the 4 year anniversary!). I know, it took me long enough. The original idea was to write recipes, or instructions, on how to accomplish some home theater related task, like convert your DVDs to files you can store on your hard drive. I would post the “ingredients”, and then list the steps to complete the task. I have expanded the concept to include reviews and other resource articles related to home theater and home entertainment.

It basically is documenting my affection and wonder at the potential for all things media. I’ll reflect on the successes and struggles of using home media devices, software, cables, and more, to give you some ideas for your own entertainment system. There are also lots of experts out there that I will draw upon. My goal is to provide you with good information that will guide you through the minefield that is home electronics. For all of it I will simply ask of you to go shopping at Amazon and buy stuff (you’ll be using a customized link to get there). It will help support my efforts. Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.


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