A Call to Ride

. . . for MS that is. For those of you who don’t know, every year in early June (sometimes it’s been late May) I do the Central Virginia MS Ride. It starts in Richmond, Va. and ends in Williamsburg, Va. after a 75 mile ride. Then the next day, it’s back to Richmond. This will be my 14th ride since moving here from upstate NY (my first ride was back in June of ’99 on my mountain bike). I ride for a guy named Bruce Lowery, who actually is recovering from a nasty bout with an infection in the ICU of the local hospital. It wasn’t directly related to his MS, but it was made more difficult, and life threatening.

So on June 2nd I’ll be on the bike again supporting Bruce. His wife Pam who works at UMW as well, turns into a dynamo for this event. She works one of the rest stops, providing hydration and food the riders. I’m always amazed to see how hard she works and I know she’ll be dripping with sweat again this year, and she doesn’t even ride!

Anyway, this is the part where I once again ask you for help. Go to my donation page and contribute what you can. Hey the DS106 Kickstarted project is over and I know you have some money again burning a hole in your pocket. I know I, as well as Pam and Bruce, will truly appreciate it!

Hey, I’ve even gone to the trouble to provide you with an easy to remember URL if you’re at a computer and don’t have this post handy.

Go here and pledge:



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