I’m in the iTunes Camp . . .


. . . at least for now. I was using FireANT but there have just been too many problems. It has real potential, but crashes and other strange behavior make it too frustrating to use at this point. I really wanted it to work too. Well it’s still in beta so I’m sure I’ll revisit it, but it isn’t being updated regularly.

I watch videoblogs as well as listen to podcasts and many “vlogs” are using the h.264 QuickTime codec. That necessitated me downloading the QuickTime 7 Public Preview. We’ll see if that screws up my machine.


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  1. Thanks for giving FireANT a try.
    We’re currently testing our next release for Windows.
    It will have a lot of significant bug fixes and internal improvements.
    Hope you give it another shot, we should be ready to release the new version soon.

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