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Magnetic Toy Teaches About the Internet

A course offered by Harvard University’s Extension School entitled Computer Science E-1: Understanding Computers and the Internet! looks to be the best example that I’ve seen so far of a course that can be offered synchronously and asynchronously. There’s a whole lot more here that I need to investigate, but the course throws the whole

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You Great Twit!

Just finished listening to the latest Twit (This Week in Tech for the unwashed), episode #27, and what a riveting conversation about copyright, the movie and music industries, generating revenue from podcasts/videocasts, and a whole lot more. Larry Lessig (Creative Commons) was the special guest on the show along with host Leo Laporte, Patrick Norton,

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Media Center 1.0

This is actually a test post from the new Flock Web Browser. I’m working on a project to upgrade my Home Theater and this Flickr photo is version 1.0. UPDATE: This Blog/Flickr integration is more extensive than I thought. Flock could change EVERYTHING for me. Stay tuned.

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I’m in the iTunes Camp . . .

. . . at least for now. I was using FireANT but there have just been too many problems. It has real potential, but crashes and other strange behavior make it too frustrating to use at this point. I really wanted it to work too. Well it’s still in beta so I’m sure I’ll revisit

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What is Videoblogging?

This video at Make Your Own Video is another great example of the new media. This creation was an entry in a contest that required the use of archive footage to create a 3 minute video. The audio, by the author’s own admission, is not quite up to snuff. However, the overall video is very

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