So What Are You Working On Andy? – BOOM!

Head . . .Full . . . of . . . Stuff. Must . . . jettison . . . information. Head . . . about . . . to . . . explode . . .

People ask me what I’m up to lately. Here are a couple of items from today.

Taking pictures of Jerry leading the THEA435 class on Wikis:

Jerry Explains Wikis

Getting cool MP3 player plugins installed (Click Play button to listen to music):

Music “Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack” by Derek K. Miller. Creative Commons license.

Also, working with DivX, helping build an intranet, thinking about film projects, blogging three times a week, testing out new digital cameras, testing out digital video cameras, welcoming students to online forums for a Biology class, etc.

People ask me if I like my job. You betcha!


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