Magnetic Toy Teaches About the Internet

Wooly Willy

A course offered by Harvard University’s Extension School entitled Computer Science E-1: Understanding Computers and the Internet! looks to be the best example that I’ve seen so far of a course that can be offered synchronously and asynchronously. There’s a whole lot more here that I need to investigate, but the course throws the whole ball of wax out there for students (current and potential, though some material is accessed only with authentication) to consume. The most notable resources being the RSS feed for the podcasts!

I’ll reserve any opinions for now, but what I saw of the Harvard course, this is a very exciting direction education is going in. I found this course via the Productive Strategies Blog. The list that is there means that I’ve got a lot of material to go through. I hope I do OK on the exams.

UPDATE: Check out the Fall ’05 list of “Boilercasts” at Purdue University. Yikes!

UPDATE2: OK, I have to stop after this update, but this really struck me as funny, being that I once was the “AV Guy” at another school. I could never have even imagined, Boilercast Capable Classrooms!


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  1. Looking forward to looking through the Productive Strategies resource list. Of course I added our very own “profcasts” to that list via a comment.

    Thanks for blogging on this, Andy. Cool graphic, too.

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