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This is an attempt to do something that I’ve been meaning to work on. It’s the principle that I would like to be known as “blog at once”. It’s the idea that I have the tools at my disposal to drop everything (within reason of course) and blog quickly (and include some kind of media) about my thoughts. Here is my first edition of doing just that.

I’ve been reading blogs at home on my laptop this Saturday morning and what has afforded me this luxury even while my wife is out Christmas shopping is a video game. It is called Professor Fizzwizzle, and my 4 year-old son is hooked. You see, he is able to make his own levels and then test them to see if they work. The basic premise of the game is to enter the screen and find the way out. You come in through one of those tubes that resemble the ones at drive through windows at the bank. The object is to get to the “exit” tube. In the way are crates that need to be pushed aside, barrels that you can ride and/or push, ice that you can slide on, and the all important freeze guns that allow you to turn an immovable crate into an ice block that can then be pushed out of the way. Beware the “rage-bots” that come after you. Just listening to a 4 year-old try to explain a video game’s objective is vastly entertaining in and of itself. He has spent, literally, hours creating various levels in PF and then testing them. So, I just had to take a picture of my little videogame developer.

I also talked myself into blogging about it right away because the tools were right there. Now to blog about the process . . .

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