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The Good Old Days
The good old days.

So the inimitable Jim Groom beat me too it (commenting on the previous post), by referring to my new theme. I don’t think I made an announcement for every new theme so far, but the new one has a purpose. The old one that I announced previously was becoming an eyesore frankly. Oh, that neon-green stage of my life. It was based on Canvas, which I (and Martha) thought would “catch fire” because it added drag and drop customizability. Well, it still hasn’t gone anywhere really, and Automattic is “widgetizing” everything. The WordPress Theme site allows you to search for “widget ready” themes and I narrowed it down to a few. I wasn’t looking for the perfect theme, just one that had a basic structure that I could customize. I settled on Coffee Spot. The banner is a photo that I took of the facade and columns of the building that I work in at UMW, DuPont Hall.

The other important consideration of this theme is how it looks on a Windows Mobile PC phone, in my case i have a new Cingular 8125. There are a lot of cell phones in use by students here and I think that use is only going to go up as they add more computer like capability. Not only does my phone do the normal cell phone stuff, but it has built-in 802.11 wireless. It can also do voice recording, take pictures, and record video, all in varying qualities. It also functions like a PC as it can view Word, Excel, PowerPoint (viewer only), and PDF files. It even has a built in keyboard. I’ll continue to report on how I’m doing with it as I think that these devices are at least some part of the future in instructional technology.

Oh, and Jim, thanks for stealing my thunder. As for your recommendation about K2, I already climbed it! (though I reserve the right to return).


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