A Great Anthem

Of the many things that I am envious about Canada, the number one thing is their national anthem, “O Canada”. I’ve gone to many hockey games and sung along with the Canadian anthem. I’ll refrain from commenting on the U.S. anthem. This was a stirring video to watch, and makes me wonder whether I should have lived in Canada. There is Canadian blood in my veins, but there is a reason I moved from Central New York to Virginia. It’s cold up there!

By the way, Go Oilers!


3 Responses

  1. Whenever I think of “O Cananda” i think of Southj park and Celine Dion, so that anthem has been ruined for me since. It kinda nice to see a group of cold-blooded nationals sing their quaint little anthem watching a game that was much more exciting last year than it had been for decades, thanks for the video Andy.

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