I’m Slowly Winding My Brain Up

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My brain has been fried since March. I felt like everything I did required waiting a long time for a response from my convoluted grey matter, it was like walking through molasses. Eventually, I got through planning and execution of Faculty Academy, and then it blew my mind. Everything about it was terrific, and the post-Academy high is still there. My brain is now responding nicely, thanks to some well needed days off. I am inspired by Gardner’s “paws for station identification“. I think all of us in DTLT are ready for some big things, just not so ready to put our things in the blogosphere (we’ve all had a lull in blogging, which makes me fell better). So this is MY “prepare for great things to come” post.

UPDATE: So after the Faculty Academy we were all wishing that Jon Udell would somehow work his visit to us into a column. You know, maybe just a brief mention. Well we’re humbled that Jon did more than just mention us!


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  1. Interesting: I hadn’t thought about the idea of doing a real “station identification” until I read your post. Getting our station identity (aka mission) together and ready for the next set of exciting programs is *exactly* what we’re doing. Nice.

    See where this blogging gets you? 🙂

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