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For those people out there who don’t know what YouTube is, these videos won’t help. However, for those who do, these entries sum up the video sharing service nicely. The first is a serious (and at least PG-13) video exploring the inherent narcissism of YouTube called YOUTUBERS. It’s a montage of videoblogs set to slow, and somewhat somber music. The second video is a parody of the DeVry University-type schools offering degree programs in hot new careers called Viral Learning Center. Here are links to the viral videos mentioned in the spot – Exploding Whale and Alabama Leprechaun.

And, in case you want to know what the kids are watching on YouTube and MySpace, check out the Viral Video Chart.


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  1. i love the viral learning center video and i want go there…sign me up! here i am wasting my time at a regular job when i could be learning the secrets of hurting myself and others to get rich! hahaha

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