Soapbox vs. YouTube vs. vs. Vimeo. vs. Jumpcut vs. vs. Metacafe vs. Revver vs. iFilm

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Chris Pirillo is at it again. He’s now done two posts comparing the popular video sharing/hosting sites. The first was comparing YouTube, Google Video, and Revver. The next one compared 9 different services – Soapbox vs. YouTube vs. vs. Vimeo vs. Jumpcut vs. vs. Metacafe vs. Revver vs. iFilm. As instructed by Chris, I started all nine videos one right after the other and noted some interesting results (yours will vary). Like I said, I started them all in order, but the finishing order was different. First to finish was Soapbox followed by YouTube, which makes sense since they started first and second. Third place was a surprise – my favorite, Blip TV. After that it’s was a bit of a jumble so don’t quote me. I believe Revver and Metacafe did pretty well, but Break, Vimeo, Jumpcut, and iFilm choked. I literally had to move the mouse over them to get them to finish. I don’t know what would have happened if they were in different positions on the board. Also, Blip TV was the least garish looking. It was very clean, and didn’t end with an advertisement (click on the image above to see how it all ended). So give it up for Blip, the winner of a very unscientific and uncontrolled study, featuring a video of a lunatic singing Jingle Bells over and over. Man, how much more fun can the Internet get.


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