Evom. Is it Mov(i)e backwards?

Flickr photo by ShellyS Welcome to the new school year. I’m still shaking my head about where the summer went. I’m also still grinding gears from vacation last week, but despite those issues, I’m very excited about 2010/11 at UMW. While perusing my RSS feed today, Lifehacker reminded me about Evom, a Mac only (sorry) […]

Re-thinking YouTube Downloads

Do a search for “download youtube videos” and the results you get will offer up countless websites with instructions, services, tools, and videos dedicated to the subject. You would think that it was popular to download videos from the YouTube site, and you would be right. I’ve written numerous times on the subject of YouTube, […]

Making YouTube More Cinematic

Here’s a neat trick to use next time you want to show a YouTube video in class, or in your home theater (h/t to WebWare). You need to have the Firefox web browser and an add-on/plugin called YouTube Cinema. So you can go from this: To this: You can still view a given YouTube video […]

Think YouTube is Insignificant?

Then ask this guy . . . President Obama not only makes his case for why we need the stimulus package, but he announces a new website to track the spending of it – Recovery.gov. If your reaction to all this is “We’ll see”, then you’re right. We will. Hat tip to Eric Holscher for […]

Ubiquitous YouTube

Sarcasm notwithstanding, the sentiment in the above video is held by many people – “YouTube is a site of millions of sucky videos.” I have, in the past, argued against that statement here, here, here, and here. Until recently, a valid argument for YouTube’s suckiness would have been that high quality video was not an […]