Recording DVD Segments on a Mac

In the “how long were you going to have that feature and not tell me” category comes the ability to record in the Mac version of VLC. What it allows you to do is record segments from a DVD. You see, in the Windows version of VLC (since version 1.0 came on the scene), you […]

The Making of an HD Screen Grab

After my last post, you may be asking how I do an HD screen grab from a recorded TV show. If there is such a thing as a rabid fan of my blog, you may remember a similar post from back in the day (it was Feb 12, 2006!). That was back in my PC […]

Cool new feature in VLC Player

Thanks to LifeHacker for pointing out a very cool and interesting feature of the latest version of the VLC media player (one of UMW’s favorite tools). By enabling the Advanced Controls under the View menu, you can now record a segment or an entire DVD as it plays in the VLC player window. As of […]