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A while ago I mentioned a cool program that could download and convert YouTube videos. It was a Mac only program called Evom. I lamented that I wished there was an easy program for Windows that could do what Evom did. Well, it’s here in the form of Fastest YouTube Downloader. I know, what a great name 😉

It’s not quite the drag and drop goodness of Evom on the Mac, but it lives up to its name. IT IS FAST. Almost magically so (you hear that Apple?). There is also a version for the Mac, so this might be that elusive cross-platform beauty I’ve been looking for. It does what you expect, and after downloading the video, gives you a wide selection of files types to convert to – including MP3 audio files. I’m putting it through its paces, but it looks like a good one. The creators even have a quick video for further enticement.


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  1. Yay! You have not forgotten us poor lowly Windows users 😉 Actually this is very handy ever since the old program I was using decided to quit working. You rock!

  2. That’s a good one, Andy. Thanks for the tip. I know I keep you on Google Reader for some reason, and this is it.

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