Let the HTML5 Party Begin

HTML5 fist, after A List ApartI have a feeling that I am going to be writing a few articles/posts about HTML5 in the next few weeks and months. Mostly because we’re starting to see some real cool stuff being built with it. I, of course, will concentrate on the new video capabilities, but if you want to Dive Into HTML5, you certainly can. I talked at the Summer NMC Conference this year about HTML5 video. The video and resources are posted on the Digital Media Cookbook site. Apple has made this a battle against Flash, which they claim (and there is evidence for) is quite processor intensive. Hence, there is no Flash on iPhones and iPads. When and if Adobe can create an optimized version for the mobile processors, you may see enough pressure to allow Flash on these devices. Don’t hold your breath. If there’s one thing Apple likes, it’s controlling as much of the technology as possible. If HTML5 can do as much as Flash, they will give it all of their resources to make it come out on top.

Today Apple has an event introducing their new iPod lineup. Included in the iPod lineup is the Apple TV device which as many people are reporting is due for an update today. While this will be a media based device, it could also function as an iPad for your TV. Especially if the rumors are correct that it will run the iOS that the iPhone and iPad share. So it might be possible that the Apple TV could be an HTML5 delivery device. The iLife software is due for an update, so instead of iDVD being updated, there could be an HTML5 creation app. It’s less than 2 hours from now, so we’ll see soon enough. I would like Apple to support this open standard, and make it easy for the average person to create content for these devices. I’d love to see a mix of Netflix, network television, and user-generated content playable on these devices. A guy can dream right?

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