Sir Paul!

The Superbowl this year was successful not only for the New England Patriots (again), but for putting out of our minds the ridiculous half time show from 2004. Personally, I was more offended that Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were allowed on stage in the first place. A star covered boob to me is no big deal. The bigger shame is boobs thinking that they are stars.

Paul McCartney was glorious. I sat there mesmerized and tapping my foot like these songs were written yesterday. “Drive My Car” will be 40 years old this year and I have no doubt that it is leaps and bounds above anything on the radio today. No one today even thinks to put such close harmony vocals in a song, and Lennon and McCartney whip everybody. It sounded fresh and alive, and it unfortunately shows what is lacking in most of today’s music – talent. Sir Paul’s voice is none the worse for wear as he let out the scream on “Hey Jude” just like he did when he was 26. If you switch those numbers around, it reveals how old James Paul McCartney is today, 62. Yikes!

It was heartening to see such an entertaining performance at a Superbowl. I had a hard time reckoning what I was watching – The Superbowl with a great half time performance, or a Paul McCartney concert with some guys playing football to open and close for him. McCartney should have won the MVP trophy. The Beatles Forever!

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