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Show Passwords

Here’s a beauty. When I was experiencing some password problems for a Drupal install, I decided to go into my Firefox Options (Preferences for you Mac folk) and reset my saved password. So I went to Tools>Options and selected the Security tab. In the Passwords area I chose Show Passwords. It listed all of my saved passwords, which I assumed somehow were encrypted/blocked out/dotted/whatever. NOPE! I could see all of my passwords for all of the sites for which I clicked “remember password”. Some sites aren’t all that important, but in some cases I have network passwords saved in this area. If I walked away my computer for a brief period of time, someone would be able to see those passwords if they knew where to look. Try it yourself and see if you feel comfortable having this info out in the open. Better start making sure you log out of your machine before you leave it. Oh, and you do have your computer password protected right?


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