Seriously Shocked

Serious Adobe

I’ve been using a product from Serious Magic called Visual Communicator since it came out in 2001. An email in my inbox alerted me that the company has been acquired by none other than Adobe! It’s always serious news when a product you have known and loved gets bumped into the big time, and it doesn’t get much bigger than Adobe. Of course the last newsworthy purchase that Adobe made was that of Macromedia, the makers of Flash. Now Adobe gets to call their own some great products. Not only Visual Communicator, which is a kind of TV production studio in a box, but also DV Rack (video production truck in a box), Ultra (software for creating virtual sets using chroma-key), Ovation (a PowerPoint add-on for dressing up boring slides), and Vlog-It! (an all-in-one video blogging solution).

So the next question is, what does this mean to the development of the software? Well I can only believe good things. I currently use the Adobe Video Bundle to do graphic work and video editing. The possibility of integrating Flash, Adobe Premiere, and Visual Communicator is quite exciting. Now I hope this doesn’t sound like a commercial endorsement. I was a user before I was a spokesperson 😉


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