Scientists As Rock Stars

Rock Star Scientist

Time magazine recently interviewed Morgan Spurlock, the writer and director of Super Size Me and the creator and star of 30 Days. He talks about his new season of 30 Days which starts tomorrow at 10:00pm on the FX channel, and continues every Wednesday. I recommended the show last year and it didn’t disappoint, even though there were only 6 shows (that in itself was the only disappointment).

He was also asked about a film version of the Chris Mooney book The Republican War on Science. When asked why he chose the project, his response was:

We’ve started to make science and empirical evidence not nearly as important as punditry–people using p.r.-speak to push a corporate or political agenda. I think we need to turn scientists back into the rock stars they are.

Chris Mooney of course picked up on it. He and others are part of a group of bloggers known as the “Science Bloggers“, a daily must read for me, being the technology liaison for the science building here at UMW. I appreciate Spurlock’s attempt at giving the scientists the respect that they once had, and again deserve.


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  1. One of the episodes from the new season on immigration is availble free from itunes. I don’t know how long this deal will last but the rest of the shows cost 1.99 each.

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