Podcasting on Your Pocket PC!

OK. I believe I have know joined the faithful in listening to podcasts. In working on my video blog (possibly morphing into “mediablog”) I came across this article on using a Pocket PC (in my case, I have a Dell Axim X5) for playing podcasts. The setup was simple and Doppler, a Windows based “pod-catcher”, worked marvelously. As I write this I am listening to Gardner Campbell’s podcast of an interview with Neil Finn (ex. Crowded House, Split Enz).

I had often thought of my Pocket PC as an MP3 player as well as personal organizer. Now it has so much more purpose as an educational tool. “Classcasts” anyone?

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2 Responses

  1. Ah, a man of discerning tastes. 🙂

    Very cool blog. quick question: one of the advantages of the “iPod experience” is the ease of synchronization and organization that iTunes/iPod offer as a symbiotic. synergistic unit. What do you use for your Pocket PC tunes in this regard? Do you find the lack of seamless synch (if you in fact lack it–do you?) a disadvantage? Or do you feel you’re getting the full effect of the medium’s ease of delivery and use?

    As for class ‘casts, yes indeed. I think this is a powerful potential use of the technology. Very cool.

  2. Okay, now I’ve read the article, so disregard previous post. I see you have “synchronicity” too.

    I tried Doppler and was not crazy about the interface. I prefer Nimiq, but that may be because I spent enough time with it to figure it out. Perhaps Doppler would have won me over if I hadn’t bailed on it.

    I’m intrigued by the third-party player that supports bookmarks. I feel the need for bookmarks. Currently the iPod supports bookmarks for Apple’s aac format, but not for mp3. And of course there’s no such thing as a third party player in Appleland. I imagine Apple will be compelled eventually to put the feature into its mp3 handling, but we’ll see.


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