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Several months ago I was working on specifying a computer to serve as our video editing workstation. I wound up ordering a Dell with dual Xeon processors, 2GB of RAM, 1TB of hard disk space, etc. Horsepower (baby) is what you need to do video editing, and the more the better. Which is why it is quite strange that I am now researching online video editors (that’s right, online!). Word comes today that there will soon be two “powerhouse” online editors. Jumpcut has been around a while (you know, a while in Internet time). Now Photobucket has partnered with none other than Adobe to offer their version of online video editing. Their advantage will obviously be the massive resources behind the Adobe Premiere software and the platform that they now own, which is Flash. It hardly seems fair, but we’ll see how it turns out. I signed up for a Photobucket account I don’t know how long ago, but never used it. It’s in limited public beta now for pro account users (of which I am not), and by early March it should be ready for all Photobucket users.

So why am I researching online video editors? Because Jim Groom is starting to horn in on my territory that’s why! Check out the great resource (and example of online video editor) that he found called the Propaganda Filmmaker.

UPDATE: It has a name, Adobe Remix, and here is a review.


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  1. You know I love you, Andy. More than that, I did not know about the Adobe/Photobucket relationship, molto interesante!

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