Celebrating Innovation and Creativity – More Ken Robinson

I just got done re-watching Sir Ken Robinson’s terrific TED Talk on creativity in education. Here is an update that expands upon creativity by talking about the power of innovation, and how we systematically suppress it in our classrooms. There IS an education revolution taking place and it is what makes my job one that gets me excited to go to work on Monday mornings. I’ll have more on these ideas of creativity and innovation soon (with thoughts of the neonatal EDUPUNK movement), but I wanted this video to make the rounds as soon as possible.


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  1. Thanks for pointing to the video, I had seen his TED talk awhile ago and I have been interested in hearing him speak again. Sir Ken Robinson is so edupunk.
    It is exciting to think we are in the midst of a revolution and to know that in some ways we are right on the front lines of the battle is a bit exhilarating. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it, I never expected any of this when I came to college.

  2. Great video. Can use this as a model for my FSEM? Or would it be better as part of the First Advising Program?

  3. Great video! Can I use this as a metaphor for my FSEM? Or would it work better as part of first year advising?

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